Black Monday - Futures deep in the red, Asia down again, when will it end?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jreynolds212, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. :D
  2. Once everyone has sold...
  3. So 40 points on the YM is deep red now?
  4. sorry to say it, jreynolds, but... you're a fucking clown.
  5. dont be sorry, that is exactly what he is. No shame in calling a spade a spade

  6. mokwit


    10 UK hedge funds are known to have halted redemtions since last sell off. Seem to be CDO or multi strategy.
  7. jreynolds is the perma bear stockturder, his evil twin. I think it is stockturder.:)
  8. Na,

    Not black monday, you don't get a crash in a bear market. The only time I would even consider thinking a crash is on the horizon is if I see the markets skyrocket back to the highs of the decade, if even blowing through setting new highs. Then the odds of a crash are more likely.

    Asia and the US markets will have some serious volatility for the next few quarters. So, for all you traders, trade well now and trade hard because IMHO
    these markets are going to dry up by end of this year and stay in a shitty sideways, bullshit market.

    NO CRASH, just Dead markets, with no volume or volatility is what is looming ahead.

  9. I can read the futures, there is nothing extraordinary. Trying to spread FEAR & PANIC ?
  10. I agree completely. The action we had last week comes by once a blue moon. Any crazy swings now is icing on the cake. Dead trades lie ahead so take advantage now!
    #10     Jan 27, 2008
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