Black Monday - December 31, 2012

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  1. I might actually get this one right this time!

    History never repeats...

    (Then again, the markets only crash in Octobers.)
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    Crap I bought puts, now see your track record on Black Monday calls and I'm very scared :D
  3. sol all my puts last 15 minutes in SPY, I bought Calls in last minute drop, not SPY, in F and FB.

    you scared me.

    what I think is this sunday some measures will be given. then late on, some band aid or service patches will be delivered.

    bill gates is the leader in this technique. first roll out something everyone wants, then patches after patches.
    I know this strategy, that is business politics.

    I like this solution.
  4. anytime u see a thread pop up like this means a short squeeze is coming.
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    I guess the same.
  6. Black Monday?? Why not black Sunday?..... I thought all the work behind the scenes is being done today with a potential vote this evening. Futures open at 6p......
  7. I don't know, in my conservative account, I hold stocks for years, sometimes decades. But I have one I've changed my outlook on. I was just sitting here thinking, if I am going to sell it, why not do it in 2012? I have very hefty cap gains in it, but my outlook for 2013 will barely cover the increased cap gains taxes.

    Then I got to thinking, what if everybody else does the same?

    This last chance came up kind of quick. So, for me, no real reason to sell Monday as a opposed to some day later, other than to save on cap gains tax increase.

    funny thing is, if it gets off to a bad start, I may just hold on. But if it's any kind of up or flat, I will unload that one stock Monday.
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    Let me give you my prediction for Monday. It will be a "Flat" Monday !!.
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    Based on my decades of experience on trading you lose when you change your edge based on a minor bump down the road and you think your edge is not working anymore. You should keep punching as Geoge Foreman says. Based on what you said, you are a long time investor so no need to sell. If I were you, I would sell out of the money calls which I know will expire to compensate for a possible tax increase. On the other side, I am a swing trader. I live on bumps.
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    any wealthy with good gains has to sell before 2013 just dumb to keep holding those gains into higher tax rates

    any wealthy or others (we have yet to see) with losses, is better off taking them next year for tax write offs

    my guess is most of ET wont sell til next year :D

    2013 will be indeed a very interesting year
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