Black Monday? *cough**cough*

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cdntrader, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Let's see ...
    Gold 750,
    Bonds late day tank,
    USD spew,
    Oil hit all time high,
    SPX hits resistance 8 days in a row,
    China small cap frenzy,
    China markets hit all time highs.

    What's not to hate?:eek:

    Give me a lotto ticket for Black Monday:cool:
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  3. Witnessed a lot of high volume reversals. I tend to agree that next week could be ugly. Short EURJPY and ES is the trade.
  4. will be interesting 2 see if u r right?
  5. yeah, strong rebound off the lows near the close: bull item.

    my chips are all on green as well.
  6. Bullish...

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    ET a contrarian indicator.

    Rather, a contrarian seeks opportunities to buy or sell specific investments when the majority of investors appear to be doing the opposite, to the point where that investment has become mispriced.

    I wonder what everyone on ET is doing? [​IMG]

    Ya I'm sure it's gonna be black monday. [​IMG]
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    the writing is on the wall
  9. Has Pabst called it yet?

    If not I'm short.

  10. I heard the chinese stock exchanges are closed next week?

    Depends upon whethey would be the dumpers, or the dumpees.

    Are they supporting the market and stepping away for a week? lol
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