Black Monday? Bond trad3r issuing rare market crash alert

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bond_trad3r, May 17, 2012.

  1. Cascading crash sub 1200 and ten year yeilding 1.50.

    Time to batten down the hatches. We're in for a stormy ride!

    Bond Trad3r out! :confused:
  2. I usually think these Black Monday calls are nonsense but this time, it's very possible, if the ECB doesn't do anything over the weekend.
  3. Nothing is going to happen in Greece for the next 3weeks though as they have only a care-taker government,
    and therefore they dont have the power to reject any EU deals and leave the euro during the next 3weeks.

    And so theres nothing for/that EU need to do over the weekend.

    And the g8 meeting this weekend will likely boost markets anyways.
  4. I honestly wouldn't be all that surprised by anything... This market has months to stabilize yet. A crash occurring during this correction period wouldn't surprise me one bit.

    We still need another week to stabalize enough to get any kind of uptrend.
  5. Sunday night is the best for a large sp futures rise. I should have loaded up on facebook friday.
  6. Uptrend after just one week to stabalize? Do you mean to get a bounce, not an uptrend?
  7. Anyone with half a brain would be loading-up buy trades on the VIX at the 18.65 level if we can dip down there this week.

    And then holding for the next few weeks into the run-up to the Greek elections.

    VIX will spike upto around 40,
    and so is a easy 400pips+ profit, plus the closest thing to risk-free trade out there.
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