Black Monday - August 9 2010

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  1. We still see more pics like this

  2. Black? She looks plenty white to me. And not just Monday. ANY fucking day!
  3. could be the make-up...
  4. nickdes


    The picture was staged...

    Still nice though
  5. I recognize her from the Fermented-Hops-No.-Five/BJ swaption pit. And what a great trader she is. She swallowed my large order like it was nothing. :cool:
  6. while OP may have been joking about the crash. i personally vote for the crash on Aug 9 2010.

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  7. I had to read half this thread to figure out you guys are a bunch of racist scum. Less threads like this plz

  8. Events on August 9, 2010
    Atomic Bomb Dropped on Nagasaki (65th Anniversary)
    Cochran, Jacqueline (30th Death Anniversary)
    Japan: Moment of Silence
    Lassen Volcanic National Park Established
    Nixon Resigns
    Old Fiddlers' Convention
    Perseid Meteor Showers
    Pga Championship
    Robert Gray Becomes First American to Circumnavigate Earth
    Singapore: National Day
    South Africa: National Women's Day
    Sturgis Rally
    Travis, William Barret (Birth Date)
    United Nations: International Day of the World's Indigenous People
    US Women's Amateur (GOLF) Championship
    Veep Day
    Victory Day
    Walton, Izaak (Birth Date)
    Webster-Ashburton Treaty Signed
  9. Aug 6th is also ominous:
    Events on August 6, 2010
    Atomic Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima (65th Anniversary)
    Ball, Lucille (Birth Date)
    Blueberry Festival
    Bluegrass Festival
    Bolivia: Independence Day
    Boom Days
    Braham Pie Day
    Canada: Halifax International Busker Festival
    Craftsmen's Summer Classic Arts & Crafts Festival
    Electrocution First Used to Carry Out Death Penalty
    First Woman Swims the English Channel
    Fleming, Alexander (Birth Date)
    Gigglefeet Dance Festival
    Hiroshima Day
    Indiana State Fair
    Japan: Peace Festival
    Judge Crater Disappearance (80th Anniversary)
    Mitchum, Robert (Birth Date)
    National Czech Festival
    New Jersey State Fair/Sussex County Farm and Horse Show
    O'connell, Daniel (Birth Date)
    Onekama Days
    Parsons, Louella (Birth Date)
    Roosevelt, Edith Kermit Carow (Birth Date)
    Scotland: Edinburgh Festival Fringe
    Scotland: Edinburgh Military Tattoo: the Main Event
    Space Milestone: Vostok 2 (USSR)
    Tennyson, Alfred, Lord (Birth Date)
    Twins Day Festival
    Voting Rights Act of 1965 Signed (45th Anniversary)
    Warhol, Andy (Birth Date)
    White Oak Rendezvous
  10. Your order was a long? Was her short position naked or covered?
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