Black Monday - Asia Markets down 3-5%, futures blood red

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by jreynolds212, Jan 21, 2008.

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  1. Its that time again for another Black Monday thread. This time Asia appears to be the fat man sitting on the toilet after drinking too much Peptol taking that 3-5% dump. US Futures in the red. Oh man not again, yes again, Black Monday. Waking up to find your Goog has lost all its 2007 gains. Waking up to find Bear Stearns in bankruptcy along with ETrade.

    What will happen next? All I know I can say is two words which are "Go Swift-Trade".
  2. I forgot. You can watch the Nasdaq with me in the morning as it grinds to zero.

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  3. Or you can remember that Monday is MLK day and the US stock exchanges will be closed.

  4. As much as I hate your stupid threads ( why don't you start a journal and stay there?) , I think you may be correct.

    US stocks are setting up for a massive one day correction sometime in the near future. Why do I think so? don't laugh, I've been seeing in my sleep past few nights, charts moving sideways then a massive plunge. I wake up during the plunge, so I can't tell how the chart ends.
  5. Capitulation will probably happen with the Naz down 30%+ off its 07 high, from a historical standpoint.
  6. Black Monday....on MLK day....thats just wrong Jreynolds, you should be banned for this!
  7. Hehe. I know you hate my threads, but someone has to post a little stupidity. If its not Jack Hershey then its Sykes and if its not Sykes then its Stocktrader. In any event, I forgot the markets were closed tommorrow (sorrrry hehe).

    Seriously though, look at the chart of the SPY. Its setting itself up for a massive dump . The trend is no longer up.

    Well, my chart is self-explanatory...
  8. LOL!:D
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