Black Monday Afternoon

Discussion in 'Trading' started by The Kin2, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. 2:36pm... the market could still crash?!:eek:
  2. We already crashed. ES is down 16 points.
  3. Oil is at $86. USD crashed!
  4. An 1% plunge is a crash to you, drama queens?
    Welcome to the stock market!
  5. 1% selloff is now a black monday
  6. It's the infestation of threads like these that are sending the elite traders elsewhere.
  7. Keep buying dude!
    You'll be buying when spoo is at 1100...
  8. look its pohpohmyminitrading
  9. looks it the guy who's gonna be broke in a year or so...
  10. You can't go broke off paper trading, stoopid.
    #10     Oct 15, 2007