Black Monday after Flash Crash Easter

Discussion in 'Trading' started by blowingup2012, Apr 6, 2012.

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  2. huge buying opp

    upside risk > downside risk, at the moment.
  3. it will be if it even opens red.
  4. Earnings season is coming. Once that gets underway, no one will remember this miss.
  5. You do realize that this was an event that took place on a closed market day prior to a major worldwide holiday weekend? Of course you do...
  6. do you mean earning misses will be so huge that 20 point drop will appear small?
  7. other meaning
  8. hajimow


    Bear illusionists will be wedgieed on Monday
  9. You need to go see a shrink asap

    Get outta here
  10. Globex closed at 8:15 Friday.

    This was not caused by unemployment but by sheer panic before the 8:30 release.

    When it opens monday this dip will go back up.
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