Black man spits in customers food

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  1. Why would you need to mention race ? You think whites never do this kind of thing ?

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  2. Lucrum


    He should be executed.
  3. pspr


    Drawn and quartered in the town square.
  4. pcp198


    Agree, it's unnecessary to inject race into this story.. Every so often these videos pop up in the weird news section with fast food workers showing off their IQ. It doesn't seem this type of sick behavior is race specific.

    Another favorite, birthday boy takes a bath.
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  5. Just stating detailed facts. How come you instantly attack me for mentioning race. How come you didnt attack me for mentioning gender? Should I have titled it "Human being spits in customers food? Why is it wrong to mention race, but not wrong to mention gender?

    Seems like a double standard, if you ask me.
  6. pcp198


    Piel, I respect you opinion, we usually agree, but lets be clear on my end there is no double standard. Heres why: I dont have any problem if you point out race, gender, religion etc. as long as your trying to make a valid point based on facts or statistics. But it seems there is nothing here to indicate blacks are more likely to engage in this type of behavior. In this case pointing out the guy is black is, at best out of place, at worst, bigoted.
  7. Was it a fact or not?

    How can facts be bigoted?
  8. Bull

    You mentioned race with a despicable act so that all the ET racists would come out and attack African Americans.Its been done many times before

    If you were just posting the story you would have used the headlines in your links or said McDonald's employee spits in customers drinks
  9. pcp198


    short answer, yes.
    Heres a fact: Its common for new stories covering a crime to include physical details of the perpetrator such as the height, race and approximate age of the perpetrator. But Peal didn't just put the guys race (which of course is a fact) in as part of a physical description of the guy, he brought it to everyones attention in the headline to make a point.
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