Black man speaks the truth

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    Appropriately titled: Black People: Broke Before Clinton / Obama, Broke After
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    Well, THANK GOD he wasn't texting or using his cellphone while driving that car/truck! That would have been dangerous!
  3. He speaks the "truth" and is slow to get to the point and say what he really means and likes to drive distracted and go off on tangents and tends to repeat himself. :(
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    The biggest disease to American society has been Liberalism. Liberals have tried incessantly to justify the actions by shitheads, and particularly by minority shitheads, when really what these people (regardless of race)who live on welfare need is a swift kick in the ass not an excuse. My old man would have taken a belt to me if i did anything like the videos you showed in your other thread, or if i would have tried to get someone else to pay my way in life, but the liberal mantra is that we shouldnt blame/punish people who are being shitheads, we should simply make excuses for their behaviour, and give them money. It is the equivalent to giving my dog a treat every time he pisses on my rug, and wondering why he doesnt just quit pissing on my rug.

    It is unfortunate that more people in the communities that are rife with scumbags dont simply stand up to all of these idiots and let them know that it is completely unacceptable to act like a total shithead.

  5. "Appropriately titled: Black People: Broke Before Clinton / Obama, Broke After"

    All black people? Or just some...

    Your black and white thinking nearly always manifests itself in the language you choose.

    Some lunatic in the wilderness was castigating nonsense about liberalism again...

    Without liberalism, we would have a two class society. Minority groups would not have equal rights, we would still have slavery, women would not have equal rights and could not vote, children would still be working long hours chained to some machine, etc.

    Really all anyone has to do is go back a couple hundred years and see what we had in America when the white man ruled over women, indentured servants, slaves, children and minorities with an iron grip...

    The industrial revolution did not break the two class system. Not until the liberalism of a strong working class and unions came into existence along with Roosevelt's New Deal did we see a strong and healthy middle class.

    Now we see the right wing trying to undo all the good of America that was put into place by liberal progressive thinkers.

    The regressives want to return to the past...about 200 years ago, with dreams of being one of the ruling class...these regressives that are working class are just plain stupid thinking that they will be included in the ruling class that the regressives want to restore to American power...

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    Just the ones that count.
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    This little fairy tale would be fine and dandy, if it wasnt infact the republicans who passed the civil rights act with the democrats desperately trying to block it....