Black man knocks 16 y.o. white girl unconscious. Says she started it.

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  1. She probably disagreed with him about agreeing to be raped.
  2. 377OHMS


    She should be charged with exhibiting an unfriendly facial expression and for damaging a public sidewalk with her teeth.

    That poor man was made to "feel like a pauper". Maybe he can find an barrister to represent him pro bono and seek compensation in civil court.
  3. "She didn't have a friendly face"

    "You didn't have to punch her"

    "Nobody said I couldn't"

  4. Interesting data. If true, this is worrying for news for what the liberals have elected.
  5. If he is convicted, there will be riots in Los Angeles. We had better release him and instead convict the lady for bringing down the reputation of the blacks.

    We should also boost the boy's entitlements to make him feel better about himself. We should beg the boy to forgive the white lady for being alive.

    Also Obama should declare that, if he had a boy, it would look like him.
  6. that happened in London, you wacko.
  7. She is not white. Probably Persian or Pakistani nevertheless it was a random & horrifying attack, perhaps on drugs or another version of the KnockOut King game that is played in certain parts of the USA.

    A court heard Michael Ayoade, 34, who smacked petite teenager Tasneem Kabir around the head as she was walking to college in east London, told police: 'She started it'.

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  8. So are you a criminal or the exception to the rule?
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