Black Looters Matter kills protester in Portland

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  1. Did the police identify the violent welfare recipient with no father in the home?
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    The loyalists are going to be standing up.
    Kenosha Kyle was first and there will be many others.
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    I think we are a bit past the clever-internet-comment phase (or not-so-clever in my case) so no direct comment from me on this.

    Fasten your seat belts and please ensure that your seat backs and tray tables are in their upright position. Bumpy air ahead.
  4. BLM = Black Looters Matter?

  5. I have no idea whether Trump will win or not. He is running as an underdog now but he has won before as an underdog. On the other hand, the dems have a pile of voters and they know how to hand out the Acorn packs of cigarettes to get them to the polls, or in return for handing the ballot they received in the mail over for others "to return."

    Anyway, where I am headed with this is to say that if Trump does win, I can think of no reason, and I do mean to say no reason why Portland will not burn extensively. Very extensively. The riots in 2016 in Portland in 2016 after Trump was elected will look like a day at the beach.

    And then Part 2 of my statement is that if Biden wins, I can think of no reason why they will not continue to riot and burn with impunity.

    Such is anarchy.
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  6. Portland, Oregon gas station owner/attendant refuses to sell gas in a container to a black guy during a period when the City is experiencing riots and burnings.

    It has not been established that he is refusing blacks only, I do not believe.

    Racist or a reasonable emergency move during a period of insurrection??

    Let the viewers decide.

    Most likely his place will be torched by the end of next week.

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  7. This man should ask himself why isn't he getting any gasoline? Is it because I am black? Of course it is you idiot. You are using it to burn down buildings you fool! BLM is your fault and it is your karma that you can now longer mow your lawn. (Not he probably didn't have a lawn) LOL
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    Always have a backup. I used to use one just like this. Those blades are sharp, will decapitate anything.

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    It's been 5 years... but you finally got a for real, for real.... lol.
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