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  1. thecoder


    I remember some time ago (maybe last year) I read a news article about BLM.
    There was also a picture of a black sports athlete with "BLM" or "Black Lives Matter" in big letters on his shirt,
    and the number 0 below it (ie. 0 usually is the number of the goal keeper or so) :)
    I found it very funny :)
    Unfortunately can't find the pic anymore, can someone help me find such a pic again? Thx.
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  2. Cuddles


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  3. Ricter


    You mean while you were skimming articles looking for anything to support your racial opinions.
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  4. thecoder


    No, no, no! You can't accuse me of being racist only b/c I report of my this funny experience.
    Instead you should accuse that dumb black athlete wearing such a shirt and then even posing for the camera.
    It's he who didn't understand the meaning of the scene. I'm just a viewer of the pic.
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  5. Ricter


    And there we go.
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  6. thecoder


    If he had been a white athlete, then I would have called him a dumbo as well, as I don't make any discrimination, man! :)

  7. What soccer team was this?
  8. thecoder


    That's indeed the question :). I unfortunately don't remember as it was 1 or even 2 years ago in a news article.
    But it really was like I told in the OP, and there was not a single reference in the text to that fact observed/interpreted/understood by me... :)
  9. I agree BLM should be a chit chat movement rather than a Political one. :D
  10. gwb-trading


    Russell Westbrook wore ‘Black Lives Matter’ on the back of his Houston Rockets jersey last August. NBA uniforms featured calls for racial justice last year following the murder of George Floyd.
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