'Black Lives Matter' to be painted on courts at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex for NBA's resumed

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FortuneTeller, Jun 29, 2020.

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    About the damn time
  2. Bout time a black man got some recognition on the court, can't hardly find one shooting hoops. And the few who do are so taken advantage of, hardly pay them fellas a nickel. Oppression by the white devil has kept them out of the game.
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    What a stupid friggin idea! Black lives matter is a complete fraud. if the NBA really cared about blacks, they would list all the names of every black baby that was slaughtered by a black man this past year. The nba doesnt care about blacks being slaughtered by other blacks?? how about the fact that most blacks have no fathers??
    how about the fact that black males are running wild, untamed, and committing the majority of violent crime in our country. Inner city black neighborhoods are the most dangerous in the world, the blacks seem to love that title. Great to see a bunch of morons getting paid millions to bounce a ball.
    The NBA needs to bring in Bull Connor.
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  4. so many blacks being killed by whites in this country, let me tell ya.
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    Black lives matter is a complete joke. who in the world actually thinks blacks are targeted by cops? no one does, not even blacks. its a fraud!!