Black Jew Kills Islamic Mickey Mouse on Kids Show Finale

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  1. Better ending than Sopranos! In this scene, our hero The Islamic Mickey Mouse is caught as the housing bubble implodes. Passions run high as the mouse refuses to submit to eminent domain power.
  2. I have made a rare err.

    The topic should have read: Black Jew Kills Muslim Mickey Mouse on Kids Show Finale.

    Or Perhaps

    African-American, Jewish Businessman Successfully Expels Copyright-Infringement Rodent's Reign of Terror on Settlements?

    Im confused.

    Ahh fuck it, I still think the Religion of Peach ain't all so peachy. By Peach I mean peace, of course.
  3. black jew=oxymoron=compassionate conservative
  4. rock1968


    yeah i think the title is fine..!! says enough..