Black Hawk Down

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Is BHD the badest movie ever?

  1. Geesys. Non stop steel from beginning to end.

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  2. Nah. Saving Private Ryan tougher.

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  3. I don't know.

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  4. I don't care.

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  1. nitro


    Is this the badest movie ever?
  2. hughb


    I've seen it in it's entirety by watching bits and pieces of it from time to time. The combat scenes were exciting and chilling. The ending was not good, it was too "hollywood" with the guy talking and chewing his food as he explains why he likes to fight. Maybe I would have liked it better if I had sat down and watched it all the way through.
  3. My nephew's all-time favorite.

    Personally, the cab with the white X is memorable. A very good compelling demonstration of coercion, disposability, unreliability, and uncertainty.

    The removing of the back-plates, because a ranger never runs, is telling in how little we really appreciate the risks that we are taking and also in the poor job our military is doing in armoring our soldiers.

    Good movie. Have you watched the TV show, "The Unit"?
  4. nitro


    I agree with both above.

    One thing, and I admit that I may be naive, but why isn't sound used as a weapon?

    Why not use very high pitched sound instead of bullets? I think this is an underused weapon. It doesn't kill (although could easily) but it immobilizes the enemy, and it does so even in hidden areas so (close) snipers affected too. Perfect for the Black Hawk rescue, since you just have to keep the enemy at bay for long enough to transfer injured. Another thing that is useful about it is, you don't run out of ammo. High pitched sound just requires an electronic source.

    I must be missing something, but I suspect that it is too easy to defend against, or perhaps no way to aim the sound wave and it would affect our soldiers too...Still, can be used as a surprise weapon...

    Or to set a perimeter, why not set a perimeter from the air, dropping sleeping gas or tear gas? Probably disperses too soon. Again, can only be used as a surprise weapon, but who cares? You are saving lives...
  5. great flick!
  6. I am not military experience, but ...

    High frequency sound gives women headaches and men get grouchy. Don't think that is what you meant. Concussion grenade are a popular item in disabling enemy troops in close quarters. The big thing with sound are obstacles. If you have terrorists in a safe house, good opportunity as long as no one is in the crapper at the time.

    In the case of extractions such as the intent of the operation in Black Hawk Down, speed is of the essence. Re-enforcements will come quickly since you are behind enemy lines. The time to release a chemical agent is too long even if you assume the troops are immune. Again there is the problem of obstacles. The sentries are vulnerable but the high-value-target is sitting in air-conditioning. He sees what is happening, turns-off the fan, and secures a perimeter.

    As far a non-lethal, modern bullets are non-lethal depending upon aim. Rubber bullets and stun guns are effective to some degree, but the sentry will be standing again come exit time. I suppose you could microwave the whole building from a helicopter, but making people run and scream is more effective when you want people to disperse rather than be immobilized.
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    Sorry no haven't seen "The Unit"
    Like a cop drama in the arena of special forces. Pig headed guys, screaming/crying wives, new mission every episode, conflicts between groups, always urgent, decisive.

    Good to pump some emotions.
  10. I bought season 1 DVD. I saw the pilot episode and I shelved the DVDs. The lead guy single-handedly took out the terrorists threatening to blow up the plane. Very very aweful and artificial series. [​IMG]
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