Black Fridays Sales proof

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  1. US economy is fundamentally strong

    From Blodget and Yahoo techticker^dji,^gspc

    people are still spending online and offline. No one cares about the fake financial crisis and the mental recession. The consumer is what drives the economy, and as long as consumer spending, web 2.0, spendim, consumer debt, globalism holds up the recovery will be 'v' shapped.
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  3. But umeployment is still very low compared to previous recessions. GDP has only been negative for one quarter and was down just 3/10%. This recession is shaping up to be a very shallow one according to the numbers.
  4. Margins are going to be a MAJOR issue
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    If you say so champ - I'll be happy to take the other side of your trade.

    You've been consistently wrong with your rosy predictions and cherry picked "news" stories for a year now...keep up the good work!
  6. Exactly! Word is already their margins were way off. They're having to give the stuff away to make the sale. Ask the automakers how well that worked for them.
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    Oh, my God... Please, stop living in denial... I hope, you won't commit suicide...

  8. i think yes
  9. still bullish, still here
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    still wrong
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