Black Friday's $250 laptop at BestBuy

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Pekelo, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. Pekelo


    The Toshiba laptop will be $250 on Friday at each Bestbuy locations. Currently it is $600. They must have at least 18 units per store.

    Oh yes, they open at 5 am... See you at 4 am in the line!!!!!Last few years they had coffee and donughts...

    P.S.: Nobody should line up at MY store for laptops!!! They also supposed to have Wiis...
  2. ed_berk


    Do you have the specs of the laptop they are going to have? I was on their website and didn't see anything about this. Where did you get your information?
  3. I will be there with my hommies to fight you for it!!! :D
  4. I want to see you construct a tradestation with the $250 laptop then post the picture up.
  5. gnome


    First, you get your 1.6Ghz Celly, with 256MB RAM... with 1024x768, 14" screen...

    Then you get your onboard video....

    LOL! :D
  6. Bob111


    can't beat this price. doen't matter what cost same as decent portable dvd player. to get one(along with panny 42"plasma) you have to probably be at best buy at least before midnight.
    pekelo-you can have mine :D
    don't forget 22" westinghouse LCD for $200.

    i'm going to staples @ 6 am to buy couple 200 gb hard drives for 20 bucks each
  7. lwlee


  8. Check out and click on the blackfriday link. They have all the deals posted.
  9. Pekelo


    In my area there will also be an HP notebook for $380 or a complete Emachine desktop system for $190.

    You can check your deals at the above mentioned website, put in your zipcode...

    Portable 8" DVD player for $70, and so on. People are gonna get killed....
  10. Pekelo


    I told you so: :)

    I didn't get the deal, by the time I went the line was 200+ yards and all the deals gone... Checked out instead, they have 7 or so laptops under $500....
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