Black Friday

Discussion in 'Trading' started by KS96, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. KS96


    just testing... :D
  2. When the toxic waste gets a price attached to it in a sale here soon, you'll get your black friday.
  3. KS96


    I never claimed it is *my* black Friday.
    People's Black Friday :D
  4. Perhaps Blackstone will find a way to buy $1 trillion in risky CDOs for $2 trillion by adding cheap debt from Japan and then KKR and Murdoch will fly in on Unicorns to up the bid. :p
  5. You know Batman, that's so crazy it just might work!
  6. I love 100% up room to go$$$
  7. I love your mother!!!!:D :D :D $$$

  8. then you must be a necropheliac because my mother is dead...

    I will just keep morning your ES short that you are getting crushed on right now...

  9. Eqt, just because someone does not post the SAME THING on 3 or 4 different threads, does that by proxy mean they are short? There is no way you trade, how do you have time to do anything? You answer you're own posts so much because everyone else is so tired of you. You really need to try and get a hobby. It is quite obvious you have nothing to do with the markets. How about stamp collecting? Oh I got it, you can be a secret shopper!! They will pay you like $50 to shop! That is right up you're alley!
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