Black Friday

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  1. No joke, Apr 13th Friday. Trade accordingly...
  2. Thanks for the reminder. I'll have my rabbit foot handy.
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    while one man's beliefs are irrelevant

    if our collective society was to believe the same thing at exactly same moment

    we would be screwed

    not a joke, do your bloody research :eek:
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    OK, I watch.

    I like krachs. Volatility is often good with me.

    Made my all time biggest day on February 27th.
  5. This threads always are good for a giggle.
  6. I think it's going to be purple with the diagonal beige stripes.
  7. IF you see this guy, you're going to have a bad trading day:

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  9. Just put on a Tinfoil Hat
  10. "No joke, Apr 13th Friday. Trade accordingly..."

    Are traders superstitious?
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