Black Friday

Discussion in 'Trading' started by capmac, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. capmac


    Could this be....?? :confused:

    I can't imagine any rational person going long into the weekend...
  2. :cool:
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    Why not? Anyone who's been short and/or sitting on cash can find some stuff that's been taken to the woodshed and is oversold. Examples .. RCKY under $11, SWKS around $4 and PMCS $5.15.
  5. Wait until September or October, you'll be right on one of those weekends.
  6. let's boogie
  7. I agree with you with all the things going on no one would want to be long
    cause when the short come in it take longer for the market to go up
    and with all the things going on u could always enter in the market again when every u want
    Why take the risk of holding it over the weekend
  8. i can't wait for the dollar to run out of room, at which point these bogus soft dollar rallies will simply have nowhere left to go and we can start to trade 'real' strength again in equities. the dollar is breaking some support here again in a rather ominous fashion

    just in time, i'm low on toilet paper
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    Recycled- easier than starting my own and saves server storage.

    I would like to be on record for issuing a black friday notice every single wednesday so as to frontrun any other black friday posers.
  10. Yesterday was bullish, Today is bullish. Long makes sense.
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