black friday

Discussion in 'Trading' started by empee, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. empee


    i shorted YM this morning. I thought for a change I would be first to post one of these threads; depending on tommorow maybe its Monday. But I think tommorow market at least tries to breakdown hard.
  2. ah, this is what i was looking for. there aren't enough of these posts. no fear in the market empee. you might get your wish.
  3. why should there be?
  4. calends


    Black Friday falls on a Sunday this year. The market will be closed then. Sorry to disapoint.
  5. empee


    imho personally I think we are on consolidations until one side of the market breaks, so these leans and squeezes either direction don't mean too much to me personally until we see one side give
  6. rats. you beat me out on starting this one.

    Feels awfully soft though. I want to buy but I just can't....

    PPT where are you! Save us! :D
  7. PPT changed its name to PBP (Plunge Baby Plunge) :D
  8. I don't trade equities (though I can) but I track them due to my trading forex.

    I think we're on the edge.

    Or maybe I'm just on the edge.

    something is on the edge....
  9. I am going with an up day. I am not saying I see anything good in the economy but the more people think one way it goes the other way. I have a few 1000 shares on a overnights of a stock the held up well on the tank down today and closed up a buck. It got smacked before and after earnings but seems to have buyers now. I guess tomorrow will tell us what happens.
  10. empee


    im still looking for a MONSTER lean tommorow, if dont break down hard tommorow I'll start putting on longs
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