Black Friday

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  1. Can I call them or what? :D
  2. It may be dead cat bounce Friday for the DOW. But I'll take steady bleeding for now.
  3. Why are you talking about friday? Let's look at tomorrow. If all we have is slow bleeding eventually it has to stop. Maybe tomorrow will be a lot worse than today and we get the ball rolling.
  4. This is it guys and gals. The market is gonna crash and hard right from the open Friday. Even the almighty PPT won't be able to buy the flood of shares on open. Down at least 400 points on Dow.
  5. It could gap down and spend the rest of the day rising.
  6. empee


    or it gaps down and heads lower, maybe -1000 or more pts. The reason I say this is there was a huge short squeeze and thats not enuff to prop the market?? plus all the ppl that got in on the squeeze yesterday will start selling (if it doesn't rally back). We had MONSTER volume yesterday so its quite unusual that it would sell off like this, unless there is massive overhead supply that needs to get out quick. Speaking of which look at USD/AUD.. is austrailia going bankrupt?? THe question is what kind over overhead supply could kill a squeeze with that much volume.

    But, we've been here before where -150 overnite and then we are ok by morning so it could always be gamez as well :)
  7. it is time....
  8. Yeah, certainly looks that way with futures all in the green!
  9. Maybe black friday stands for no red ink :D
    Black Friday, shorts look out.
  10. you mean, "longs look out"
    :D :D :D
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