Black Friday Sales Up 6 Percent Over '05

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  1. Black Friday Sales Up 6 Percent Over '05
    Yahoo headline

    6% is HUGE, looks like this rally should continue.
  2. Down by .1%
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    you have to understand that WMT SSS used to come in at around 2-4%. So a -0.1% is a big difference.
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    6% is a good increase. This year sales came in at 8.96 billion.

    Last year the 3 day total from FRIDAY to Sunday was 27.8 B.

    6% is a good number but 1 day does not make the entire story.
  6. wmt not included with that 6% sales and also remember huge discounting so little profits
  7. They always give "discounts". 30% off signs bring in customers.
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    this year many retailers are offering DEEP discounts......
  9. I'd belive WalMart before I believe some 6% increase put out by some survey firm but of course it gets on Yahoo to make everyone feel like everything is just hunky dory when in fact, retail stores are slashing prices like never before just to get people into the stores.

    If Walmart sales sucked, rest assured others will not be reporting glowing numbers (once there in) IMO
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