Black Friday retail sales hit record

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  1. Retail sales on Black Friday rose by their biggest margin since 2007 to hit a new record, while online sales grew even faster, according to initial estimates.

    Sales on the frenetic shopping day that follows the US Thanksgiving holiday expanded by 6.6 per cent from the previous year to $11.4bn, according to ShopperTrak. The research group’s estimates are based on traffic counts in 25,000 places and the historical relationship between traffic and sales.

    I thought the US consumer is "deadbroke"? :confused: :D

    Seem's the Propaganda Machine is out in full force.

    Credit Cards 100% of the tool used during this "RECORD" shopping spree? Ya think?

    "The research group’s estimates are based on traffic counts in 25,000 places"

    They have no idea how much was spent in dollar terms. Absolute bullshit. Second, I'm sure % are up but how low were the prices?
    I mean if the discounts were 70% plus...they better sell a shit ton to make up for such a deep discount.

    I call bullshit on both articles.
  3. Many stores were open an extra 2-6 hours from last year.
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    I'm sure credit cards were a large part of the idiotic frenzy. However, there's certainly alot of cash on the sidelines, and the sheeple (imo), were antsy to blow some of it on stupid stuff for people they really don't even like to begin with.
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    I'm sure the tactic worked this year to a degree. I wonder if next year the retailers will say screw it, and stay open all day Thanksgiving?

    Sad state of affairs we have in the US when people drive 300 miles or so to "visit" family, then leave the Thanksgiving table at 11:00am to start camping out at the local best buy to save some $ on a tv.:(

    I guess on their way out the door they say, "save me a plate." :confused:
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    Did they buy any homes or start any new businesses?
  7. People buy mostly electronics at a big discount.
  8. a penny saved is a penny earned. Time is money. Bought a 16gig flashdrive a few months ago,,about $50 bucks, best buy had em for $11.99. Waited in line for 45 minutes.
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    Tsing Tao

    Gee, how did I know that this was another Asusilovic post?
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    how many TV's or dvd players do they need? i don't care if it's cost $200 on black friday. cause my 8 years old 42" works just fine. :p
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