Black Friday PC Deals (Help Me Choose)

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Boomer, Nov 17, 2011.

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    So, I trade on a macbook pro...but I have decided it is time to get a desktop and add a few monitors...

    I have just started looking at all the PC deals that are coming out for Black Friday, and I "think" there are some great ones out there...I just need some insight from the PC crowd...I have not had a PC in about 6 years, so I am out of the loop somewhat, especially in terms of brands and quality.

    I will just post the deals I think look solid as I find them...please feel free to add in any you see as well.

    I am also looking to add a 2nd monitor, so I am browsing for monitor deals too...
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    Dell isn't the best (well there monitors are good).. you can usually build a PC for about 1/2 price of any package deal. Sounds beyond your ability though...

    Try newegg.
  4. Warning! Open can of worms alert!
  5. Nice setup, maybe a bit overkill for trading (unless you do advanced algo stuff)

    If it's going to be a dedicated trading computer (i.e. only for trading), you don't need all that RAM or HD

    Looks sweet, though
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  7. Be sure the video card that comes with whatever deal you find can accept dual monitors, or you'll end up having to buy a separate video card. If you're building a trading computer, it's unlikely that the ads on Black Friday at retail stores are going to be tailored specifically for a trader.

    Sometimes you can get deals through Dell's outlet. Any of the "Workstation" models that have dual video cards and enough RAM should work. Here's a link to check out. Best of luck.!
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    Well, how about you first tell us about your trading style. What software will you be running? How many windows do you intend to have open at one time? Do you trade equities or futures? You don't need a Ferrari to go to the grocery store.
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    Good point...I was about to talk about that, because I know the "man" in me wants to load up on the latest and greatest technology has to offer, but I am pretty sure it is not necessary in my specific case...

    My trading style:

    I trade futures (mainly CL, YM, GC) and forex currency pairs. I am not sitting at the computer 8 hours a day, and for sure am not scalping...I am initially going to be going with a 2 monitor setup, probably going to 3 in the near future. I do use a lot of charts though.

    So my style would be considered day trading, but not constant flipping for 8 hours...mainly trade in the morning for a solid 3 hour chunk, and then just loosely monitor the rest of the day.

    I travel a good amount, so I have been stuck trading on my mac laptop, so I am looking forward to getting a more proper desktop setup with multi-monitors, so I wont have to flip between multiple charts on 1 screen.

    So, I know I don't need a super computer...but at the same time, I know by shopping for deals, you can get alot of extra sometimes for a small price...

    Thanks for any insight!
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    I am beginning to wonder if the merchandise offered on Black Friday deals is 2nd rate like many items offered at outlets where the product is specifically manufactured for discount merchandising.

    that's just cynical me!
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