Black Friday - July 6th

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    S&P 500 will drop by 5.63% Tomorrow
  2. does that mean I have to put away my rally hat for tommorrow?!!
  3. But it will happen after hours around 3:30 AM NY time so only the furriners will get a piece.
  4. Really? 5.63%? My works shows a 4.265465% move.
  5. What reason for the drop?
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    I've hacked into one of NSA's supercomputers and use it to do my calculations ... they are actually pretty accurate ... they can even simulate the trades you will make tomorrow ... using their computers I can even terminal into NASA's satellite and watch the buttons you press on your keyboard ... and yes it does see you even if you are in the basement ... but I only use it for good ... you know to watch the guys on wallstreet.
  7. you didnt know the nsa calculates:

    # accounts with less then 10K in equity that is long a particular derivative. And it fades this calculation everyday.
  8. followed by a 11.26% rise:D
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  10. Haha That's a riot!
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