Black FL woman gets 20 years for firing warning shots at abusive ex-husband

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    Yep...if you're white you can kill a black kid with skittles in his pocket. If you are black, and you fire warning shots and use Floridas stand your ground rule, you get 20 years.

    This is what the article wants you to believe. They left so much out of the article, its sickening that they are race baiting like that. What really happened was she came to his house and was taking HIS kids away and made a comment that their baby must be fathered by her ex-husband...she then said "I got something for your ass" left...went to her vehicle, got a gun...came back, put a bullet in the chamber and started firing.

    Here is an article that tells the whole story.

    The CBS article did what it planned...made a sensational article that it knew would outrage people and get it to go viral. 520,000+ facebook shares. 17,000 twitter retweets and they made sure the first thing you see when you open the article is a big picture of a black womans face, so INSTANTLY you know she is black and got 20 years.

    It used to be newsreporters had to do digging to report the news. Now the reader has to do the digging to get the real news.
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    Tsing Tao

    That's what I said before. Research is no longer what the news people do. Journalism is dead, replaced by sensationalism.
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    The MSM is nothing today but a bundler of lies. The fact that anybody is still stupid enough to watch the major news networks is just astonishing.
  4. I agree. They are a joke. Zero credibility.
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    Agreed! I'd say the only people watching the msm these days respresent the true numbers of just how many sheeple we have in America.

    Btw, this is the news I really like:
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    LOL. But I really hate paying for my news, if you know what I mean. :cool: