Black Everyday!!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by liulala, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. liulala


    From tommorow, everyday will be a black day!
  2. bxptone


    Now you got it, or at least until we get this retard we call a President out of office. Which will one, lead us to the biggest block party ever. And two restore CONFIDENCE. Regardless who gets elected.
  3. typical idiot response. Blame the "Presidency" for the Economic situation.

    I'm surprise half you nitwitz even make money, oh wait, I forgot, this is ET where everyone is worth millions.

  4. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    After 911 Bush could have done anything, raised taxes, get us off foreign oil in the name of national defense, a draft, calls for service and sacrifice not seen since WWII but what does he tell America to do, take your family to Disneyland that’s what. What leadership.
  5. LOL you nailed it.

  6. Agree...its like people think we are in a monarchy or something and they can blame all their problems on one person.
  7. I skipped all the posts besides the OP because I have a feeling they are all bullshit...........

    But............great thread title!!!!!!

  8. harkm


    He could have protected the US mainland from terrorist attack after 911 too. Oh wait...
  9. Once you go black, you never go back :)

  10. Yeah.. you can't blame the president for the problems unless the problems happen during a Democratic president, then it is okay to blame the president.

    What are you conservative trying to conserve?
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