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  1. One out of three black American males are either in jail, in prison or on probation; 8 out of 10 black American mothers are single (gangs becoming a surrogate family). Homicide is the number one cause of death in young Black males aged 10 to 25; It's AIDS for the males aged 25 to 45.

    This is a complete and total abject failure -any way you want to look at it.

    And everybody gets the Race Card pass because "it's just not their fault."(America has spent billions in social programs since LBJ and only a small percentage have seemed to flourish and thrive)

    When do we expect some personal responsibilty here? When do the leaders within a given culture "get it together?"

    Bill Cosby spoke out about the lack of accountability and proper parenting he spoke of the need to live within a moral framework and he was demonized as a pariah.
  2. And the slaughter continues...the emergency rooms are full, the grave yards are morgues are stacking em high! Hell, it all even has a sountrack that has becoming a caricature of itself: RAP
  3. I always suspected most racists were cowards. This post basically proves it.

    Talk about folding like a cheap suit.
  4. wtf ''cowards''? courage dosen't even fit into the context of this topic... no offense, but that is senseless unrelated rhetoric...if you want to participate in this conversation please have a coherent and relevant response, even if your view is antithical to mine... have some class and stay on topic, thanks...
  5. I assume the word you're searching for is 'antithetical'. Perhaps it would be best if you stuck to words like 'idiot' and 'moron' and other putdowns or one and two syllable words. It may help you avoid undermining your own arguments.

    With regard to your 'views', I'm sorry but you actually don't have any views. You are seeing the world through the filter of a bad education, a bad upbringing, a bad neurochemical stew or some combination of the three. There is no view there, only a static, distorted picture which seems to you to be reality. I sometimes forget that people like you are to be pitied rather than censured. I apologize for the tone of my last post.

    PS - I read the post you made that was deleted, the one where you said what you really think, and there isn't much to be said about your 'views'. I figure a white hood, a pine cross, a sturdy piece of rope, some lighter fluid and an address are about all you need to be set.

  6. the grammar police always come out when there is no valid antithesis...thats all you are able to resort to... a pitiful yet genuine attempt at wit, personal insults, and a grammar lesson...because you have nothing on which to substantiate your counter you play sesame street and flame...pls go away, if you have a logical addition or antithesis to my statements regarding this topic pls participate... if not have some class and go away...thanks again...

    i think it rather symptomatic of a poor upbringing and lack of education to make personal attacks at someone simply because you don't like their point of view...
  7. The ....xxxxxx......xxxxx......xxxxxx...... style of construction makes me think that you have posted here under another username. Would that be correct?

    And by the way, your inability to spell correctly in English isn't exactly a grammatical issue.

    Re: your 'views', as I said in another one of your 'I am whining like a little girl about my post being deleted' threads, I mentioned that there really isn't any rebuttal to 'arguments' such as the ones you made in the original thread, the one that got deleted, the one in which you said what you really think. I read that thread and I learned all I need to know about you - give you a white hood, a pine cross, a sturdy rope, some lighter fluid and an address and you are good to go.
  8. are you serious??? that thread was nearly identical to this one, there was nothing said in this one that wasnt said in that one... you are right, i dont use spellcheck for fucking elitetrader, as im quite sure this website encompasses the vast majority of your social contact, i can see how you would take it much more seriously than i, however i am not writting a proposal, a cover letter, or any other sort of formal communication, thus, i do not care so much about spelling as long as the purpose of communicaiton has been served...furthermore, who even said i was caucasian, i certainly didn't...and although you may use spellcheck, your comprehension is obviously low...because this will make the third time that i have asked you to NOT participate in this thread unless you have a valid point to make, or thought to express in relation to the TOPIC, not to ME...who you have continually flamed because you do not like my opinions and do not have a rational rebuttal for until you do, please go, return to your infomercials
  9. lol... not quite though, huh? Nearly, but not quite.

    Not surprising that you're lying through your teeth. That post was nothing like this one.

    Like I said, check the other 'I'm whining and whinging like a little girl because the big bad mods deleted my post' threads you started for more information.

    Re: the fact that you don't use spellcheck here: yes, I know. That would be the point. Get it?

    Have you PM'ed Pa(b)st Prime yet? Tell him I sent you.

    And by the way... you didn't tell us which other usernames you use here.
  10. wtf? what would be my motive in lying...i will challenge you to specify what i said in my first post that i didnt say here?? i mean critical information, something that discloses something that wasnt here...not some petty gramatical difference...good god, go away please, you obviously have nothing to contribute to this thread, so go want to sit around and split hairs over nominal bullshit, you have nothing to contribute, your views stand in opposition to mine, but you have continually failed to articulate WHY, and are furthermore incapable of civil discourse in pls go find another infomercial, i'll bet theres another one on right now about trading, just like the one that lead you to this board...
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