Black criminality in the USA and Europe

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Black crime: why?

  1. Black prisoners are the victim. The legal system discriminates against them by wrongly finding them

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  2. The reasons for the huge black prison population are primarily genetic

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  3. The reasons are primarily cultural and/or economic

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  1. The black prison populations in the USA and Europe are massively out of proportion to the % of blacks in the population at large.

    There are several reasons often given for this. Please vote for your preferred option.
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    Hey Jakie, are you terribly afraid of black men?
  3. On average, yes... and with good reason, judging by the crime stats.
  4. I am shocked that no one believes that blacks are the victim of a terribly biased justice system :D
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  6. the genetic cause is picked by several people. as far as i know there is no scientific evidence that the black have more criminal genes than the whites.
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