Black couple gives birth to blonde blue eyed baby

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    Genetics experts have been amazed by the birth of a blonde, blue-eyed white baby - to a black couple.

    Dad Ben Ihegboro, 44, a railway customer services adviser, said: "We both just sat there after the birth staring at her for ages - not saying anything.

    "The first thing I said was 'What the flip?'."

    Nmachi, whose name means Beauty of God in the Nigerian homeland of parents Angela and Ben, was born at Queen Mary's Hospital in Sidcup, Kent.

    Doctors there told them she is not an albino.

    "She doesn't look like an albino child anyway - not like the ones I've seen back in Nigeria or in books," Ben told The Sun. "She just looks like a healthy white baby."

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  2. …LOL… I’m thinking a paternity test might be in order…!? :eek: :D :D

    There's something definetely wrong with this story.
  3. Mailman.
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    lol oh man and its in the news, that poor sob
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    If I was the father I would demand a paternity test.
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    Frankly I would do both a maternity and a paternity test. Babies have been (accidently) switched before.

  7. The Bible says the Anticrist is white and blue eyed born from a black couple. Looks like the end is nigh.
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    I don't know about the Bible but a lot of Floridians are anticrist!

  9. I would love to see the book, chapter and verse of THAT reference :D
  10. The bible says a lot of things that are completely made up.
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