Black Chicagoan's Celebrate Obama Victory

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  1. While white media whores cried at the "historic" milestone a couple of Chicago families were also in tears.

    Chicago leads the U.S. in homicides this year despite being a third the population of NYC. Isn't it heartening how the prospect of Hope and Change have filtered down to the streets around the Obama/Rezko mansion.....
  2. Chicago need a mayor like Guliani, they'll probably never get him. so your best option is to leave Chicago. Blacks will never stop killing Blacks. it's a deeply rooted self-esteem problem.
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    As long as they continue to put up with it, yell racism and profiling every time the police do their jobs, then the children of Chicago will continue to kill each other and be killed. Cop's need to be allowed to be cops again.
  4. Is it really that simple... come on think at a higher level regardless of party or your background or ideology! Be impartial and then comment.

    I am totally in favor of "don't do the crime if you can't do the time!" I think we need full accountability to have a free peaceful and fruitful society! However let's just make sure that "tough on crime" applies to white collar whites, white blue collars and ethnic and racial minorities, EQUALLY!

    For every person that should have been profiled and thereby a crime might have been prevented... and for every "guilty" guy who went free due to Miranda and the like, there have been numerous instances of where sterotypes have placed the wrong person under arrest or in jails. So it's a grey area and it's disturbing you mostly ( I submit) because you have (likely) not been the recipient of profiling or any other instance of abuse. So you think it's as simple as what you say above:

    "cops need to be allowed to be cops again"!

    Tell me if you can... what does that really mean to you?

    (particularly since I assume you support the Constitution and strict interpretations thereof)
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    I don't think that the founding fathers had a direct link to God, there for there could be objectionable points in the constitution. I've never really read it closely enough to point any out, but I don't believe that any document is infaluable.

  6. I think that about says it all for message board posters like you ! (no offense)...

    ... if you want cops to be cops again shouldn't you at least have a working knowledge of what you want cops to do that you perceive they are not doing correctlywithin the framework of our justice system and Constitution???!

    ... or do you just like to hear yourself type (talk) ???!

  7. You certainly fit the profile!
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    It seems to me that everyone on both side's claims to love the constitution, especially certain parts of it. Both side's will look at the document and use it to support any damn position they want, until it won't and then they will seek to "clarify".