Black Chamber Of Commerce President Blasts Obama, Calling Him 'Marxist', 'Brownshirt'

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc8222, Apr 29, 2011.

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    The brownshirts were actually facists, and they hated communists.
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    is there really any difference between a socialist and fascist ruler?
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    Hitler and Mussolini thought so.
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    Stalin and the 10 million dead ukrainians clearly found the difference when dealing with hitler and 5 million dead jews.
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    Of course Stalin will get mentioned, as well as Mao, and that's ok, it doesn't change the meaning of the variables. Socialism properly belongs to economics, and fascism belongs to government. One could construct a 2x2 grid and label the axes socialism, capitalism, and democracy, fascism. The intersections indicate societal forms that have all closely or relatively closely existed, and that certainly could exist again.
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    Please explain what you mean by this.
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    Wow! He really put Obama in his place. More people are waking up every day and seeing the light. Unfortunately none of the lefties on this board can see past their fingers typing.
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    It's pretty hard to beat wikipedia's first paragraph on each.
  10. The fundamental political difference between communism and fascism is that fascism still allowed for private property and religion, communism essentially banned both. They both had heavily regulated economies and societies. Both are outdated, dysfunctional forms of statecraft; and very similar.

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