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  1. Dustin, so true. The sad fact is most traders would probably be better off quitting trading and doing just this...specializing in programming or providing other services to traders.

    It's like the California Gold Rush...very, very few prospectors made it rich. In fact, most Gold Rush fortunes were made selling supplies, such as shovels, Levi's and even fruit pies, to the continuous waves of optimistic miners. Levi Strauss was probably the most successful of these entrepreneurs...his name is still famous today over 150 years later.

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    I was a professional programmer for over 30 years, trading on the side. It's taken this long to get to the point where I can pay the rent with trading profits. The way the stock market has been this year, I will be hard-pressed to earn as much as I was getting working for a big company. But programming for individuals and small business is a hopeless bust. Clients really choke when I give them an estimate -- they expect to have a major system programmed and tested in a few days. Those few times I have done custom programming for unsophisticated clients, I usually get dragged into endless rounds of tweaking to get the so-called "bugs" out. I have ended up working for much less than minimum wage. I have some good technology now that people would like to tap into, but my response is "no thanks".:p
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    here is a couple strategies I have come up with. Any comments publically or otherwise. thanks.
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  4. I would say that is 100% correct. I would have to be completely desperate to get into developing for individuals or small business. There is absolutely no future in it. Far, far better to work as a conventional IT contractor or even employee.

    From the perspective of an individual looking to have development work done, you have got to question the capabilities of somebody who will more than likely end up working for peanuts. You might get lucky but the chances are that you wont.
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  5. Hey Scalp, BlackBoxLLC doesn't appear to have a website that functions? Any other firms you have a website for? All the best...
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  6. Scalp100 My business is to take proven ideas and fully automate them. I have some of the very best people writting code for those ideas. Please contact me for details and we will show you what can be done with your strategy. Thanks.
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    Like... phunniest post ever :p
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