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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by scalp100, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. Scalp100

    Our firm purchases Blackbox programs from traders with solid theory. If you believe that you have an idea that can be the basis for creating and coding your idea then we should speak. Please email me off-line to speak further. Thanks, greenmonster
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  2. Steelhead

    Our firm is looking for traders that have a solid Blackbox theory. If you believe that you have an idea that will support the coding process, then we have an interest in speaking further. Please contact me off-line to discuss further. Thanks
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    You would be much better off looking for an investor to finance your project. The black box firm I deal with DOES NOT take any cut of profits, only a miniscule commission fee.

    BTW---If someone does have a proven system, I am always interested in financially backing the project.
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  4. :D
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  5. but its already been stolen once by somone who claimed they would code it and set me up a filter I designed for the pre/post markets for a fixed cost

    we worked on it together for weeks until the dude backed out, there is no doubt in my mind he stole it as he trades with boxes as it is

    the point i tried to make to scalp100 was that he should be careful who he shows it to, I noticed nitro was on his post immediately and I certainly wouldnt trust anyone who spends their whole life in a chat room
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  6. I've been around this game long enough to know that it attracts all sorts of shady characters. Given this I've boiled down decisions of working with people in this business of trading to -risk/reward. On the black box idea economies of scale tipped me toward the outsourcing avenue. I did my homework and it has worked out better then I anticipated, perhaps I was lucky.

    For several of my other trading ideas that are as good or better I have partnered with a trustworthy friend. He programs I trade and we set up a profit split. This makes sense also because I would enjoy seeing this friend make some good money off our work together. I find that its more fun to make money together anyway.

    Then on other ideas I just trade them myself with the help of my gut, while I smell out new ideas. So I guess this is my process.

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  7. Wish I were your friend,

    Michael B.

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  8. size


    Anyone who is interested in a fair and safe deal for your automated strategies may p.m. me. I believe I can offer the most competive deals both in terms of revenue sharing and commission. Backtesting on a tick basis across multiple securities is also available and parameters can be adjusted quite easily.
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  9. prophet


    Regarding the offer of implementation, testing, capital and trading of black box systems…

    Can someone use some of these services but not others?

    I.e. what kind of deal will you offer a black box designer who:

    1) Has a diversity of profitable fully mechanical systems, each capable of very large size.
    2) Doesn’t need your implementation or testing support.
    3) Will not (initially) reveal methods or code.
    4) Will provide historical trades for you to analyze.
    5) Will provide real time trade signals to demonstrate and trade.
    6) Only needs you to trade the signals, and as a safety measure liquidate positions if an exception occurs (eg loss of market data)
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  10. Prophet:

    If you believe that you have a solid Black Box system that has been; Alpha, Beta and trade tested using real capital, then our fund may have an interest in speaking with you further about what choices you may have. Please contact me off-line to discuss this further if you have interest in speaking with our firm.
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