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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by scalp100, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. Does anyone know a firm out there that will take a proven trading idea automate it(black box it), capitalize it, trade it, and then give you a cut of the profits for providing the idea? If so what kind of fee's and split should a person expect?


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    Yes. Contact me offline.

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    Have you thought about contacting one of those firms that make informercials for a cut of the profits? How about even one of those companies that make 60 minute commercials (like K-Tel used to). Stay up tonight and watch for them on your TV, and make a note of the name of the marketing co. and its address.
  4. scalp, be careful not to share your ideas too loosely, people will try to steal them from you, be careful
  5. hey steelhead can you be more specific, did you have a bad experience with a particular company?
  6. any information would be appreciated. thx
  7. scalp, steelhead is right.....never share your ideas with anyone. period. I had to become a semi-pro programmer in order to avoid that.
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    Someone on ET could make a good livign just programming for people. Although they would have to give up trading, and be able to convince people that they would never share the ideas or ever trade them.
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    Just don't share your ideas too quickly. Once someone has your proven ideas or formulas, they may be tempted to walk out on you and keep all their profits, especially if they can prototype and test systems faster than you, and your systems turn out to be highly profitable. What if they hybridize your systems with their ideas? Would they be willing to share their ideas in return? What share of profits is fair then?

    Try to find someone who will provide you with the advise, tools or capital to automate it yourself, without requiring you give them any code or formulas. Unfortunately, this can be harder to find.

    Perhaps you could post some of your implementation requirements. You'll get some good advice on ET.
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    If you belive that you have something good then it is worth while for you to make one more step and learn programming tools. You can use WLD, Trade Station or learn VB6. There are a lot of inexpensive resources. I would be very hesitant to share the method with just anybody. Another way is to find somebody solid to help you out. You don't have to share the idea it self but rather ask for help with specifics that might enable you to develop your own black box. It is not as hard as you might think. I have developed more then 20 of them and running a few in real time now. I was not a programer at all back then, but I learned enough to be efficient.
    Good Luck!
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