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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Durian, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. Durian


    Hi all,

    Boss asked me to find out about black box trading, I guess he and the company wants to develop something for trading futures. Any directions pls?

  2. what broker do you use?

    chances are they have a platform already.

    what types of strategies are you wanting to develop? (daytrade, pairs, swing trading, etc?)
  3. Durian


    We want to do some day trading purely on futures, we are using soc gen right now but I think they have nothing for us. Just not sure where to start looking for info.
  4. rosy2


    if your firm doesnt even know where to start what makes them think they can compete in that space. I assume your boss heard the word black box and wants it. I would quit if I were you.
  5. well an inexpensive and pretty simple way to start would be to open an interactive brokers account.

    they support institutional trading, support futures and all the other major markets, they're the biggest broker that also caters to daytraders... their API for writing black boxes etc is very simple and easy to use, well tested.

    I am sure some of the other guys could probably recommend more futures-specific options but IB is a good route to get started if you don't really know what you want.
  6. bespoke


    don't worry, it's very easy. almost ALL blackboxes make money, especially in futures. it's because they are faster than humans and have no emotions. your boss is going to make a killing
  7. Baywolf


    bespoke is right. Also, if it doesn't work out in the financial markets, you can easily retool it to be a celebrity poker bot to compete with other celebrity poker bots.
  8. asap


    here's important info on black box

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  9. irucken


    As posted above earlier, Interactive Brokers has an easy access api for just about any market with cheap commissions (if you trade above minimums.)
    However, you would need to operate your box remotely which could affect certain latency expectations you may have.

    There are quite a few other firms out there that specialize in catering to black box traders.
    Some that I know of are:
    Trillium Trading (but maybe not for futures)
    Lime Brokerage
    RBC Capital Markets
    Mann Financial Global

    Any of these firms can offer you a facility for your server, very competitive commissions, and much better support & service than you can expect from IB.

    Hope this helps
  10. alextn99

    alextn99 Guest

    stupid question sorry. but where does one start to read up on black box trading? and to learn how to program it?
    #10     Oct 17, 2008