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    Looking to hire someone (since i've given up as I know nothing abt Excel or Java) on helping me write an automated trading system. Brief summary would be this system scans through a list of 500 stocks and identifies ones that meet my criteria. Then after that it monitors the stocks that met the criteria and looks for intraday technical indicators, RSI, EMA's, etc. Just wondering... does what I'm explaining sound like a lot of work? Anyone know how much this might cost?

    Anyone recommend anyone to do this trading? Also eventually I hope to use this in Asian markets like Hong Kong and Singapore.

  2. you might want to checkout this:

    it already does a lot of what you want, plus they will build custom scans for you.
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    thx for link. I kinda wanted to develop something on my own so that in the long run i don't have to keep paying monthly fees etc. Also is that automated trading? looks like it is just a scanner which I use too from Trader's Paradise (Whisper)
  4. madscan is more automated than whisper, plus they will customize more stuff for you (from what I am told, I have not used either).

    you may want to checkout which is open source platform for building boxes and such similiar to what you describe. it works with IB and assent. I have never tried to monitor 500 tick streams with IB before, although may you don't need tick feeds at that level.
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    hi i actually was looking into the tradescan thing. it looks promising but my knowledge in programming is zero. where would i start to better understand this system and how to intergrate and use it w/ IB
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    hi tradelink...
    any help in regards to your system?
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  8. Best thing to do is define the system in much more detail. For instance, does the scanning criteria involve historical DAILY data bars or perhaps INTRADAY tick bars ? BIG DIFFERENCE !
    Another thing: How complex is the selection criteria for the scanning logic ?
    Finally, you are aware of course, that IB's scanner is not programmable....and that's what you need in this case. So using them is NOT AN OPTION.
    Tradestation can fit the bill for the realtime scanning via Radarscreen. However, setting-up the various workspaces dynamically is not easily done with this product. You'll have to resort to third party windows automation software like Winbatch or Automate, etc. In the end, it would be quite a cobbled-together system from a technical standpoint.
    Of course, you could build this whole thing from scratch using the dot-net framework, but I think the total cost would amaze and overwhelm you and make the project infeasible.
    Asian markets too eh ?