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    Hey auto>

    Thats excellent. I have had great success with positional auto trading systems while my success with methods that you use is dismal :(. My trades run from 1 day to two weeks. Profits are in the hundreds of pips (500+ maximum profit i have had on a trade) while max loss was 103 pips.

    Yes I use interbankfx to trade. They use the metatrader platform to trade. The programs are coded as expert advisors and are run on the charts you want and trade whenever a signal is given automatically. There is no charge whatsoever for this.

    Head to and download their demo.
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  2. 2Cents - Hotspot FX institutional is the only provider to TT for spot FX.
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    currenex, lava, hotspot all support fix so aggregating those three would be the easiest and tbh adding other brokers with their own propietary apis would be fairly simple as well.
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  4. Fairly simple is a bit of an understatement there sccz97. Very much a thing that can be done, but not one for most people out there. This ain't no Tradestation plug in.
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    apologies ... someone with merely a years experience in programming could do this. There are free fix engines out there like quickfix whcih require little changes to suite the different fix version and any custom fields that cnx et al use. And to make things easier, the cnx guys are actually very helpful and responsive if there are any issues
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  6. Try SR they are fully integrated with Currenex and are the only solutions that shows your true positions (even Currenex doesn't support this only intra-day)

    you can connect to SR your TS systems
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  7. Where did you get this?

    Almost impossible with same spread, imo.

    Yes, probably much better. :p
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