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  1. I am researching Black Box systems that have real time data from the different exchanges. We would like to create a custom Black Box for Stock Trading with a real time view of the market. As I understand it, there are many pre-packaged software applications out there and many proprietary applications as well. Could someone help point me in the right direction to understand these Black Box systems?

  2. They only work if you write them, own them and trade them.
  3. mscherbert,

    We could help you develop a "Black Box" system and put it on our network to trade automatically(REDIFIX). Let me first say that
    this is very hard to develop a system to trade profitably . You must constantly "tweak" the system as market conditions change.
    The best "Black Box" systems is automating arbitrage techniques,
    which may give you an advantage over entering arb orders manually(more speed & less errors).

    I would be glad to speak to you if you have interest, time and most important, substantial capital to develop a "Black Box" systyem and then fund your trading. Most of the Nueral nets and products on the net are "shells" or frameworks for creating a system. True "Black Box" systems that make alot of money are not for sale, for obvious reasons.

    Gene Weissman
    Lieber & Weissman Sec., L.L.C.
  4. By black box, do you guys mean automated trading? I currently have an automated program that is for long side only. I'm in the process of creating algorithms, both buy and sell! I've been testing the software for about a month now, only 3 down days before commissions during this period of time. After comissions about 40 % profitable, 60 % negative. Have to make tighter conditions in algorithms so the program will not over trade.
  5. Yes, By Black Box, I do mean Automated trading. How long did it take you to create your application? Did you utilize C++ for the data and VB for the interface?
  6. A friend of mine, who is a programmer wrote the program. It is pretty simple, but it does everything I asked him to. It is done in VB. Right now we are working on a more complex system in C++ which will encompass several different strategies, including opening, longs, pairs/spreads, as well as a few other strategies. He gave me an ETA on everything I want, till about end of this year. Plus then it will have to be tested and all bugs worked out another 2 to 3 months. I'm very impressed with his knowledge. I'm also impressed with the questions he asks me about the market, he tells me he needs all info for logic in the program.
  7. Are you having any problem with your data sources? Is your albe to trade in real time?
  8. Do not have any problems with data. And the system is in real time of course, what would the point of it be, if it wouldn't be in real time. However, new version that we are working on will have a server, with ability to hold about 1500 stocks. I only trade NYSE, so 1500 is a good number I think. I had to upgrade my celerons to Pentium 4s, otherwise program just killed the computer.
  9. You're right what would the point be if it wasn't in real time...We are looking to connect to all the exchanges which as I understand it can get very costly depending on your link to each exchange. We are considering using the ITS to view the market, do you have any experience with the ITS or other options to recieve data?
  10. I do not have ITS, I don't know what that is. Unfortunatelly my knowledge in this field is not very extensive. Can you please tell me what ITS is?
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