black box looking for a home

Discussion in 'Trading' started by slug, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. slug



    I am looking for a firm where i could run my black box. Before you all start sending me PM's, i need the firm to has a relatively large inventory of stock in house. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Take a look at Genesis Securities. They're also a forum sponsor.
  3. Hamlet


    I can host your box with very good terms. PM for details and ETB list.
  4. If you have a clean, tight, juicey and nicely trimmed box I can host!!
  5. PM me with your contact information, I have a lot of connections on the street.
  6. try whtbox for a change.
  7. Indeed, Genesis are very good. Also take a look at Redsky Financial
    these guys are on the ball, and you have choices in Clearing - I believe in previous threads it was mentioned that they had one of the best shortable stock lists.
  8. slug


    for all the PM's i got. i appreciate the help. I have a feeing that i was not specific enough in the strategy. I need a firm that has a large stock/option inventory. not a firm that has a large shortable list. our strategy will only be able to work if the firm that we partner up with has a large # of names that it holds for extended periods of time. not sure if this clears it up for most but i really would rather not go into length about the program until i have a serious candidate that matches our criteria. thanks again.