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  1. drcha


    Someone please explain to me why this company even exists.
  2. Robert Morse

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    I live next to one. When it's cold or raining, I like to walk through it to stay warm and dry.
  3. Because the same people who buy expensive Starbucks coffee drinks need a place to hangout and read books and feel even more snooty. :)
    Wear a turtleneck sweater, and suede shoes. Wanting to secretly, hoping to, bump into a woman wearing a long skirt and flat shoes and have some kind of intellectual romantic comedy on the book topics you like to read. -- and mutual hate of Trump.
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  4. I just went to one on Saturday. It was pretty busy, but obviously not busy enough, after looking at their stock price. There was a Borders store a couple blocks away which I loved going to. But it closed many years ago. Sign of the times. (BTW, I don't wear turtlenecks or suede shoes. More of a jeans, tennis shoes and t-shirt kind of guy. I just like book stores.)
  5. dealmaker


    For the same reason newspapers exist. At one point they become value stocks and some large investor like Warren Buffett buys a stake or they become takeover target for likes of AMZN.