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Discussion in 'Politics' started by hcour, Jul 21, 2006.

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  2. LOL..that's great!! :D
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    It says I dont have permission to access it.

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    Weird. Just go directly to it. It's under the Classifieds forum, thread is called "forex courses wanted". It belongs in the hall-of-fame.

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    Bizzarro? Hardly. I'd say hapaboy accurately portrayed the sentiment of around 15% of Left-Wing America. Do you think the kind of folks who spat upon GI's returning home from Viet Nam aren't even MORE prevalent today?

    It goes without saying most people who oppose the war support our troops. In fact many who oppose the war do so because they want to protect our troops and bring them home safely, ASAP. However there's a segment of liberals, (I'll start a thread on this) who are not just anti-Iraq war, but obsessively anti-American military. Period. Under virtually all circumstances. To those people the moral highroad is wishing ill, defeat or even DEATH upon those who they perceive as nothing more than paid assassins for the government. You must lead a sheltered life if you don't know a few of that ilk.

  6. Pabst,

    I don't dissagree with you at all.

    My point was simply amazement (and at my age damn little should amaze me anymore) at how quickly some of these things turn into irrational, name-calling sessions regardless of one's point of view.

    I fail to see why anyone would waste their time so...
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    W/all due respect, guys, those threads you've nominated are rather tame. Name-calling and flaming aren't enough to qualify for the Bizzaro trophy, those are staples of ET, they're common-place. Show us true madness; nonsensical, inexplicable, unfathomable, flummoxing, mind-boggling; in a word: BIZZARO!

    Thankyou for your cooperation. Have a safe and pleasant day.

  8. LOL.
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