Bizarre ThinkOrSwim chart behavior...

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  1. I'm just curious if anybody else ever sees anything similar to this. I don't really look at stocks intraday that much, so I'm not sure if it shows up there and daily charts seem fine.

    From the chart, you can see that early in the day it is fine, and then suddenly switches to what looks like Heiken-Ashi format (even though I'm not in that mode).

    It seems quite random as to when it shows up and If I switch to a different ticker on the same day it won't be there.

    I've seen it on CL, YM, ES, NQ, and TF depending on the day.
  2. Forgot to upload the pic...
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  3. I can't comment directly on your issues, but it seems like the platform slowed down quite a bit since the new year. the sizzle index scan used to take a couple of seconds, even during market hours. Now it takes me more than a minute or two, and over 20 seconds after the market close. (using the same computer and the same scan). maybe your platform is having similar issues with load time.
    sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  4. The ToS platform has several charting environments each developed by a different supplier.

    Which charting environment were you using?
  5. Mine is the same.:confused:
    used 233tk on the /ym
  6. I've experienced this problem too. It appears to me that some bars are being double printed. When the charts are acting up each bar ends having another bar next to it with a simultaneous start time.

    The problem will appear randomly and then disappear again after a while. I haven't figured out any way to fix it manually.
  7. This looks like it might be an image rendering artifact. Look, for example, at the density of vertical lines in the area highlighted.

    When this occurs, try changing the imaging area width and see what happens.
  8. Howard - I'm using the standard TOS charting package (not Prophetcharts). I wasn't quite sure you meant by chaing the drawing area...I modified the window size and also turned my indicators on and off. Neither of those seemed to make a difference.

    I did just notice that if I have the issue, if you click on "Style" and turn off the extended session, the weird effect goes away. Turning the extended session on brought it back again.

    As worldwary mentioned, the effect isn't totally repeatable, because it will show up one day and be gone the next.

    It shows up on both a live account and paper trader account.
  9. So I think I just figured out why TOS is always crashing and acting weird. It may be that everybody is just banging each other in a big office orgy rather than working on resolving issues. Just a guess.

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