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Discussion in 'Trading' started by rtharp, May 3, 2001.

  1. Hey guys

    I write the biweekly email for my father's company.

    Lately I've been having writers block. I haven't had any ideas of what to write about. Thought I might ask here what some of you would like me to write about.

  2. Jeffrey


    Some brain storm.

    First, information for inquirers.

    I believe many need to learn about sticking to a plan to reach goals.

    Identifying weaknesses, capitizing on strength's. How it takes personal dicipline to change habits, and your thinking. That, "under stress the average American is afraid to make a decision.", etc.

    How few people have the skills to complete a plan and why?
    I found that most that did not finish a project, or complete a plan, was because they really didn't want to.

    How learning to carry out a "Mission" with a positive attitude(believing in yourself) with a set of known rules almost never to be broken.

    Understand where you'll be if you don't follow the plan with your heart and courage. Make a commitment!

    2) Second, information for part time traders.

    3) Third, information for those Trading for a living.
    New technology, equipment, etc.