Bittergate won't let up

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  1. A week after obama's infamous bitter comments the stories keep coming:

    Although I'm not an Obama supporter, don't people have anything better to do than regurgitate the same shit over and over? Yea we get it. Republlicans think Obama is an elitist. Democrats claim they took the quote out of context. Just let it go. The whole thing is retarded because all the candidates are elitists and privileged, nor do they particularly care about the welfare of lower income people, anyway. The goal is to appease the masses, get votes, and then to hell with em'.

    Also, Obama was never poor. That is a big lie by the pro-obama democrats. His so called student loans and food stamps is a bunch of BS. He had a wealthy father and he never had any financial problems. He went to the most expensive private schools in Hawaii as a child at 14k A YEAR tuition.
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    That's a curious statement - coming from YOU.

  3. I'm with you. Five years after no wmd were found, democrats keep bringing it up. How come?
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    Because thousands of people, including thousands of Americans, have died and continue to die in an unjustified invasion and occupation of Iraq based on Bush/GOP's lies. How come rightwingers can't connect a simple line of dots and come to an obvious conclusion?

  5. How many blacks are suffering in poverty and stench because of the beliefs and rantings of people like Mr spiritual mentor?

    You pointed out a connect the dots reference and heaped scorn on me for not putting two and two together, as is quite typical of you liberals, when at the same time unable to connect the most obvious of dots right under your own nose.
  6. I think people keep harping on these incidents because one, it's politics, and two, we keep seeing glimpses of a person who seems far different from the image his campaign highlights. First there was his wife "finally" being proud of her country, then Rev. Wright, then there was the Bill Ayers thing, now this fairly offensive putdown of people who like guns, are religious, are skeptical of trade deals or oppose illegal immigration.

    Like it or not, you're known by the company you keep, and Obama seems to have a consistent history of associating with people who either hate our country or have extreme views. Or are crooks, like this Rezko character. Obama is running as a unity candidate, but I don;t see how someone from the extreme left wing of a leftwing party can bring us together. When has he ever compromised anything to achieve consensus? In fact, he has been quite partisan in the Senate, for example blocking the confirmation of a republican nominee to the Federal Election Commission because the man had supported laws requiring voters to prove their identity. Obama considered that common sense requirement to be racist.