Bittergate rally?

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  1. Obama's recent bitter comment regarding small town may be bullish for the stock market because it increases the odds that McCain can win if Obama wins the nomination. The investment funds and wallstreet would want mccain to win, and Obaama's bitter small towners comment increases the odds of this happening..
  2. Wow, you need to stop and think about the stupidity of what you just typed. The market doesn't care about what Obama says.

    YM down 40
  3. "You go into these towns and, like a lot of towns , the trading jobs have been diffucult.

    "And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-Bullish sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations with trading."
  4. congratulations on stupid comment #5526 (many here would think that you may have said something intelligent along the way by accident - although you are somehow able to keep your Cal Ripkin Jr. like streak of ignorance intact - kudos to you sir)
  5. Your own words posted on :
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    I can pretty much guarantee this bull market will last for many many more decades. The upside is unlimited. Such arguments were made in 2000 but times have changed though. Valuations arent excesiv.3 Growth is staggering. Globalization and free trade are the driving fators for what will be the biggest rally in the history of the stock market.

    Dow 15000 before the end of 2007.

    2008 will be a monster rally. he nasdaq will cross 3800 and the dow will cross 18,000.

    Gold will pass 1100 and oil will pass 130.

    leading sectors will be technology (mainly internet and handset computer markets), materials, construction, defense, comodities, and shipping

    The 5 year chart for the nasdaq will more or less begin to resemble a parabola instead of line as is the case now.

    FXi will hit 350 and EWZ will hit 110.

    GOOG wil rise another 60% and AAPL, AMZN, BIDU RIMM will rise between 60-100% in 2008.

    There will be no serious news stories in 2008. NO major dips. The biggest selloff in 2008 may be 3% or so for th indexes.

    The global emerging markets rally will continue in full force in 2008, to an even greater extend than in 2007. Hang seng will double.

    Romney will win in 2008, defeating Edwards.

    We're in an era of economic and financal perpetualism of unlimited upside and global growth.

    While my my predictions may seem foolhardy and outlandish, they aren't.

    You can poke fun like a loser or you can say hmmmmmm maybe he is right and make money.


    How about you do us all a favor and take a hike Nostradumbass.
  6. Are you really that fucking stupid????
  7. I see that you're new around here. So I'll help you out a bit. Yes, sadly he is that fucking stupid.
  8. Exactly what I wanted to type :D
  9. If the market rallies this week I'm sure kudlow will attribute it to Obama's comments especially if Obama's polls start falling.
  10. Im with you dude. I'll be a bull in the future...give it until end of 2008 and I'll be there with you, hopefully.
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