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Discussion in 'Cryptocurrencies' started by kmiklas, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. kmiklas


    Heya Peeps,

    Apologies for the n00b question... what is the easiest wallet for those looking to get started with bitcoin?

    - I have an iPhone, but my friends have Android.
    - I'd also like to send/receive via PC or Mac.
    - I installed Coinbase, and bought USD200 of bitcoin, but and it's giving me fits. There is no send/receive option!

    I saw this link, but thought it best to check with the experts here before I dive in.

  2. MrMuppet


    Exodus and Mycelium, skip the rest, especially Robin Hood.

    This is only for tinkering though. If you want to throw serious money at it, there is no way around a custodian service.
    Look out for custody that is based in Germany or has a German license. Ze Germans are the first to regulate this stuff so you can be sure there is no BS going on and the companies are legit.
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  3. kmiklas


    Yes just tinkering, thanks.
  4. Here4money


    I use coinomi
  5. ZBZB


    I agree with the exodus recommendation. Does multiple coins as well. Very easy to use and backup your coins with a 32 word key.
  6. Sprout


    Since you’re on Coinbase, Cashapp is worthy of looking at if you are gonna DCA.

    If you are gonna hold your own keys, airgapping with Coldcard is a widely used option.
  7. S2007S


    Why skip Robinhood or other trading apps soon to trade cryptocurrencies??

    Many years ago I tried understanding the whole wallet and how to buy bitcoin, this was well before bitcoin was even at $500 and I found it too confusing and not only that but felt like any bitcoin I would own would be forward years later, never bought bitcoin with a wallet and seeing how many times it's been hacked why even risk it unless you are an IT computer professional. I have traded it twice on Robinhood with absolute ease.
  8. traider


    just put on bitmex, u can earn by trading there at the same time.
    they have 2fa
  9. Im on binance, there is nothing that comes close to the future trading platform imo
  10. MrMuppet


    Trading against Robin Hood and saying it was good is like saying your headache is gone after you've gotten a lobotomy
    They are the dumpster fire equivalent of a financial institute. I would not even wire shits&giggles money to them.
    If you want to buy or trade cryptos, trade at an exchange that features regulation and a lit orderbook.
    Avoid "apps" like the plague, since there's way too much fraud going on in this business and as a noob you have no way to distinguish between a rip off and the real deal.

    I know that most of you guys are just lazy and want simple platforms with a few colored buttons, but by all means do your due dilligence.

    This business is highly technical and you need to understand at least 80% of how it exactly works before you get serious. Otherwise you're just the next victim.
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