Bitcoin to drop below $6000 within 10 days

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrencies' started by orbit23, May 16, 2020.

Bitcoin drops below $6000 in the next 10 days:

  1. Yes, bring it on

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  2. No way

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  3. Not so fast

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  1. orbit23


    So yeah. Bitcoin has gained enormors attention in the last days/weeks. Paul tudor jones, J.K. Rowling, Elon Musk, CNBC... and probably more.

    Whether Bitcoin is bullish or not, is irrelevant, i think this is too much of an attention in a too-short of a time span. I believe Bitcoin will drop BELOW $6000 in the following week. What do you think?
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  2. ZBZB


    How many CME bitcoin puts do you own?
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  3. never2old


    just two reasons why you believe this?

    on the basis it drops to its March low below $5000, isn't it possible like the VIX it will reverse direction sooner rather than later then continue as it has done to waffle all over the map forever & a day?

    Trading view gives a buy recommendation

    I take your point on $6000, so I am going to park my money, wait for the $6000 price before buying in.
  4. Nobert


    Just now find out about Elon.

    In few seconds it all makes sense, since the futures are related to BTC, and Elon had private conversations with banks about taking over of TSLA (with their help)
  5. never2old


    Musk is 'Teflon man' or like a 'fly on a piece of $hit', so listening to, looking at whatever he does doesn't mean anything to retail traders that may get caught up in the hype of trading TSLA.

    What hedge fund managers or Bankers know, that is the 'fly on the wall' question.

    IMO Musk plays everyone, likely changes his mood daily ... is probably an irrational person, zero focus
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  6. Nobert


    Im neutral on all of those statements. That remains unknown and are only opinions for all of us.
    I do like the man & his visions tho.
    But at the same time, im sure that he will go for his plans, by any means necessarily and will play dirty, if that what it takes.

    He lied to his investors, back in the beginning of TSLA - didn't he ?
    Like, read in the book about him :
    His brother - ,,Elon, if they find out, we are toasted''
    (can't recall the exact words & reasons)

    So, once again, some dirty games might be going on -
    (just an paranoid idea)

    ,, You give us a good word on btc and in return, we give you exceptional help, whenever you will need it with TSLA or once SPACEX becomes public''

    2014 , Musk - ,,bitcoin... primarily means for doing illegal transactions''


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  7. Here4money


    more likely to go up another 5 grand OP. All these BTC noobs thinking this rally was "too fast" have got a lot to learn
  8. ironchef


    Zero focus? On the contrary laser focused on what he wanted to accomplish.

    Guy reminded me of the younger Howard Hughes who founded Hughes Aircraft and grew it into one of the best Aerospace companies in the world. SpaceX could be and probably is the new Hughes Aircraft.
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  9. this can be very true cuz instruments typially tend to do the opposite of the news for a bit of time and when all those that jumped on cuz of the news forget about it and got bored and no longer on their watch list then it makes its true move and then they look back and say oh shit i was in that only if i held on

    best indicators ever
  10. see below
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